Blog by Photographer Mark Hanson

To You, and You, and You. TY

I love people. Everyone is so unique. It's somewhat fascinating. The way people hold themselves differently, the way they possess a different style, and the way their minds work. I wanted to take a moment to thank each person I have ever shot for two reasons. ONE- lending me your thoughts, and your beautiful selves, and TWO- indirectly teaching me something. Call it luck but I've had the pleasure of shooting some really cool people and with each new person I learn something new. Part of that is because they may have a cool idea to lend, or maybe its just because I find something a little different about each person in a photograph, and I like to push that one thing as far as I can. Their eyes, their body, their smile, their attitude, their posture, their thoughts, their hope, their power, their enthusiasm, their innocence. The list goes on, and...  I can't wait to see what, who, and where's next. Here's to you my friends!