Blog by Photographer Mark Hanson

And so it began...

I don't know what tempted me to take those first photos. What I can say is, from the first time I snapped the shutter I felt like I had done it a thousand times before. I was published in 6 magazines in my second year of photography, and it all seemed to come naturally. 

It's a symmetry. A perfect light falling on a face. Then a feeling or thought. Something that makes you say wow... and then in many cases to make it interesting you must somehow make it slightly un-perfect. There is such an art to imperfection, especially in today's works.

You can make it: pretty, rough, sexy, modest, sleepy, awake, envious, trashy, lustful, lustless, joyous, depressed, sweet, hardcore, alive, or dead. You can make it anything you want, but make it something. 

Nobody taught me how to take photos. I am self-taught and I have learned as I go. When I see my subject, I do what I know I can do best, and then I try something unplanned. I do something perhaps I've never done before.

I challenge myself with darkness. From the beginning I've always wanted everything to be seen. No piece go unnoticed. That is one specific style, and I am praised much more for this photograph. But I challenge my mind to let the shadows and pure darkness speak as well. 

Humans are breathtaking to me. We are such complex creatures. Having studied human anatomy and physiology in college, I can attest to humans being nearly incomprehensible creatures. Some of my work wants to capture just the raw sex appeal of a human, and some of my work wants to capture the feelings inside. Sometimes both.

I am moved by you. All of you. 

Lastly, I can say that it wasn't until I stopped looking in the mirror that I could see all of you. Let me tell you, while you may be gorgeous, there is nothing more breathtaking than appreciating the beauty of the people around you. It has freed my mind and given me so much more to appreciate in life. If I were to photograph every human in the world... I'd probably finally retire, and start shooting pets ;)