Blog by Photographer Mark Hanson

Play Your Favorite Mashup

There will always be a DJ mashup of 80s Hits and Todays Top 40s, Rock N Roll and Hip Hop Anthems, and not unlike fashion, these mashups are also seen through camera lenses and on to your magazines. While there is an easy to see style gap between your Vogue - Cosmo, and the bi-annual Indie Mags, there are definitely some mashup style mags out there. Today you can wear a Prada gown with Doc Marten Combats, or a full tat sleeve with Ralph Lauren's classic sleeveless knit top. The possibilities are endless my friends!

Ok I'm just a photographer, but most photographers I know don't have a stylist with a huge wardrobe available to fit every model that graces their lenses. To survive in this arena, you must have a little bit of fashion sense as a photographer, or, be asking the model to take 75% of the wardrobe off (which often looks pretty darn good to be honest) After all we are beautiful creatures. 

So whatever the style may be; Aristocrat, 60's, disco, 80's, grunge, nude, or space suits?... it will come around again. I must assume however, in our human eagerness to reinvent, that we will continue to implode all we know, and rebirth something fresh. I foresee that someday we will create the greatest beauty and style, not from one era, but from the convergence of all combined. Call it a "best of" album if you will.